Product development

Your idea or concept deserves our engineering strength. The innovation lab at Alligator Plastics is unique. Together, we examine the design, the choice of material and other aspects. By doing so we can save on materials, add any extra functionality and reduce the number of parts to optimize your product and ensure it meets your customer needs even better.

We prefer to work with our six-step program, which is how we add most value. Are you further along in the process and looking for external expertise? We are excited to work with you, too!

Your result: an innovative product with a smart design, produced to a high standard and quickly on the market.

Our 6 steps

Step 1 Concept

Do you have a good idea for a new product, a product modification or a process improvement, and looking for help in turning this idea into reality? We are the right partner for you! We like to get to know you as early in the process as possible. This way you can share your needs, wishes and ideas with us and we can help you with our expertise.

Step 2 Engineering

With the commitment of our multidisciplinary team of highly-trained technicians and our knowledge of the latest innovations, you will achieve ground-breaking product solutions with a smart design and distinguish yourself in your market!

Step 3 3D model

Our engineers can digitally assist in the design of your 3D model, based on a program of requirements. Customers often provide this model themselves, we can work with almost any 3D file. Our in-house team works with Solid Works and Creo.We combine the minimization of the number of parts and quantity of raw materials with the best product design for the desired application.

Step 4 Mold making

A matrix, in other words the cast, is the counter mold (negative) of your product. Carefully-selected partners in China and the Netherlands, among other countries, devote a great deal of attention to producing your matrix to a high level of precision, as this is the basis for your product. A mold is often made of hardened steel, but, thanks to our innovative 3D expertise, in some cases it is possible to make a mold from plastic, allowing us to rapidly produce samples, saving you time and money.

Step 5 Injection molding

We are highly skilled in regular injection molding. Our extensive experience enables us to faultlessly produce highly-complex products. We are also experienced in specialist injection molding techniques, such as 2K injection molding, insert and outsert molding and semi cleanroom injection molding. We apply the technique that best suits your product. We optimize your matrix and validate the products during test molding. First time right is our objective: a rapid, efficient process from design to trouble-free production. Would you like to attend at the test molding? No problem!

Step 6 Assembly

We assemble individual components into an end product. This is carried out either in our own factory or at a contractor site under our supervision. These individual parts are either injection-molded products from our own machines or purchased parts. We can relieve you of all the work if necessary, alleviating you of any coordination issues or unnecessary intermediate stocks. We can also manage your stock and facilitate transport.

What can we do for you?

We do not shy away from a challenge. In fact, we get energy from complex projects. Contact us or do the free QuickScan.