Our vision

Plastic. Once the symbol of modernization and progress, it increasingly is the embodiment of environmental pollution. It is suggested that, if we continue like this, by 2050 our oceans may contain more plastic than fish. So stop using plastic, you might think?

If only it were that simple; in a world without plastic, your car’s fuel consumption would skyrocket, we would throw away far more food and the medical world would grind to a halt. Plastics are the basis for making our planet sustainable. We believe in a sustainable role for plastics and we would like to make an impact together with you.

Alligator Plastics was established over 65 years ago and, for the past 25 years, Wietse Wissema has been leading the company’s evolution. Today, more than ever, our ambition is to innovate together with you and various knowledge institutions. Based on a passion for technology and knowledge of the subject matter, at Alligator Plastics we create added value and, together, we are working on a solution that is more sustainable, better and faster to market.

Ambition is our driving force, results our standard.
Alligator Plastics: Shaping (y)our future.

Why choose us?


Your idea deserves the innovativeness and creativity of Alligator Plastics. We combine our expertise with that of TNO, BMC, but also with educational institutes such as TU/e, Avans Hogescholen, Windesheim, Stenden and Fontys, suppliers and fellow companies in the industry. We are continuously working on new techniques, materials and developments.

Based on a passion for technology and knowledge of the matter, the colleagues at Alligator Plastics create added value and we stay away from the commodity. Thanks to our R&D department and our own innovation lab, we have grown into an injection molding company that develops products like few others can.


Over 65 years of experience, knowledge in the field of both 1k and 2k injection molding and 44 injection molding machines are at your disposal. We help you produce your plastic product. At the same time, we focus on the entire product lifecycle. You will receive advice on the latest developments, technical possibilities and sustainability solutions.

This way you will receive maximum support in making the product, the production methods as well as the use of alternative materials more sustainable.


Good cooperation and open communication is important to you. For us as well. Working together for the best, fastest and most sustainable result. Your challenge is our drive. We are committed and reliable. So are our suppliers. Together, we strive to immediately introduce version 2.0 to the market. Withoutany start up problems or other flaws in the design. That saves you costs and time. By involving us in an early stage of your product development, we can realize a better product in a shorter time.

Ambition is our driving force, results our standard.

Alligator Plastics: Shaping (your) future.

Our team

Our team of creative and driven professionals will create the most clever and innovative solution for your situation. Do you have any questions? The colleagues below are ready to answer them!

René Diks

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Jordi Torres

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Tim van Kampen

Project Manager R&D t.v.kampen@alligator-plastics.nl

Marcel van de Poel

Manager QHSE & Supply Chain contact

Sandry Melis

Manager HR contact

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HR Assistant contact


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Working at Alligator Plastics

We have the ambition and drive to unburden our customers to the maximum so that they can market plastic applications, innovative and competitive products. Each day, we strive for top performance. This is reflected in the products we develop. Our company culture also contributes to the quality of our products. Smarteager to learnteam playerexcelers and flexibility, these are our core values. We believe in a learning and inspiring environment, where our employees continue to develop. Where fun, pride and craftmanship go hand in hand. Our people determine our success. Will you help us and our customers move forward?

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