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Specialist in high-quality plastic injection molding.

Advanced injection molding at two locations.

Plastic injection molding

Plastic injection molding

We have been specialists in plastic injection molding for more than 60 years. Many years of experience in injection molding with a diversity of plastic materials, combined with the knowledge and creativity of our engineers, mold specialists and project leaders, results time and again in innovative, high-quality plastic injection molding products. We are happy to take that extra step and realize an even better product together with you, taking new perspectives, introducing fresh ideas and producing clever solutions. By relying on a single partner for product development as well as production, you can count on short lines of communication and efficient processes.

Advanced injection molding production with robot

Advanced injection molding production

Alligator Plastics has a large number of ultramodern plastic injection molding machines which largely run unattended. Besides normal injection molding work, we also specialize in 2K injection molding, insert and outsert molding and semi cleanroom assembly. Our employees in both our factories like to challenge each other when it comes to process optimization. This results in an effective plastic injection molding process. As a customer, you reap the benefits. In addition, we offer full traceability. So we can always trace when a product was produced, by whom, under what conditions, with which machine and with which raw materials.

2k injection molding

Processing two different plastics in one mold, or 2k injection molding, is one of the processes we specialize in. 2k injection molding allows us to integrate several functions in a single product. Does your product need an anti-slip layer or a soft-touch grip, for example? That requires two different plastics, with different properties, colors or levels of hardness. 2k injection molding allows us to inject these plastics at the same time in a single mold. The technique saves costs, because post processing or assembly is often no longer necessary. 2k injection molding under cleanroom conditions is also possible.

Insert and outsert molding

Insert and outsert molding

Insert molding involves encapsulating part of your product with plastic. With outsert molding we apply plastic details to your product. The two methods offer considerable advantages:

  • The assembly process requires fewer actions. This saves time and money.
  • No fasteners or connectors are needed. The combination of the physical strength of plastic and metal inserts also makes it possible to use of smaller and lighter components. That reduces the size or weight of your product.
  • Encapsulating a component in plastic or adding to it with plastic improves its resistance to shock and vibration.
  • We design your product with more flexibility thanks to these techniques.

Semi cleanroom injection molding

Semi cleanroom injection molding

Products for the food, medical and cosmetic industries require a clean process. We prevent pollution and contamination during injection molding and assembly in our semi cleanroom. We work in accordance with the GMP guidelines if you wish. We make specific agreements with you concerning your wishes and requirements for a clean production of your products.




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