What is injection molding?

Injection molding is a production method for manufacturing plastic products. This production method molds the plastic into any desired shape or form with very precise dimensions. Your products will therefore require little or no post-production finishing .

Injection molding at Alligator

We have been experts in injection molding for over 65 years. We are happy to utilize our experience with various plastic materials, combined with the knowledge and creativity of our team, to bolster your success. We go the extra mile to realize an even better product with new perspectives, fresh ideas and smart solutions. You can count on short lines of communication and efficient processes, as we have product development and injection molding under one roof.

We have a large number of modern injection molding machines that run largely unmanned. 5-shift operation and 24/7 injection molding production makes maximum use of our injection molding capacity. Speed and efficiency. Naturally, you benefit from this, as well. In addition, you can always trace when a product was produced, by whom, under what conditions, with which machine and with which raw materials. We offer full traceability, something we find self-evident.


2k molding

With 2k injection molding, two different plastics are simultaneously injected into one mold. The plastics have different structures, colours, properties and levels of hardness. This offers you great design freedom with a strong bond between the plastics. Ideal for runs of 40,000 pieces upwards.

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Insert and outsert molding

Insert molding refers to the coating of one or more parts, made of metal or another material, with plastic. In outsert molding, plastic is injected onto an endless band or wire. Within the final product, the plastic injection material is not the carrier, but the band or wire. Generally, this carrier is made of metal, but other materials are possible too. Insert or outsert molding offers you enormous flexibility and saves time and costs, as fewer actions are needed during assembly.

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Semi clean room

Is it important for your product that we work in a clean environment? No problem at all. We are happy to come to an agreement about specific requirements and wishes, during both production and assembly. Naturally, we comply with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and FDA (Food and Drug Administration) requirements.

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