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Where future takes shape

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Where future takes shape

Alligator Plastics has grown vigorously in recent years. It has been a period with new customers, new colleagues and new developments. For us, this was the time to reinvigorate our house style and adapt it to the way Alligator Plastics is developing.

In cooperation with the Megawatt agency from Eindhoven, we set to work on restyling our house style. Stephan Kwast from Megawatt tells more.

‘Driven by innovation, Alligator Plastics performs at its very best every day. That is how the company inspires and surprises clients and the sector. But that proposition did not come to life enough,’ according to Kwast. He says it is an honor to be able to get to work for Alligator Plastics. ‘We started by overhauling the identity and the brand story. The pay-off ‘Waar toekomst vorm krijgt’ stemmed from that. This pay-off shows what Alligator Plastics stands for and has a double layer.’ The new house style has since been implemented in various communication tools such as the website and the newsletter.

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