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Turn your watch into a smartwatch with Trivoly

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Turn your watch into a smartwatch with Trivoly

How can you keep your own lovely watch but enjoy the functionality of a smartwatch? The Trivoly is a wafer-thin disc that is attached to the back of an ‘ordinary’ watch. It magically transforms your own familiar timepiece into a modern smartwatch. Alligator Plastics took on the design and production of the wafer-thin housing.

The Trivoly company came to Alligator Plastics a year ago for the housing of this innovative tour de force. An intensive design process followed, involving several prototypes. ‘It was a special challenge. The disc could not be thicker than 3.2 millimeters, but it still had to contain all the functionality of a smartwatch. For instance you can raise or lower the volume of your telephone, measure your heart rate via the heart rate sensor and be notified if your telephone receives messages,’ tells project manager Jordi Torres of Alligator Plastics.

The fact that the process took twelve months was due especially to the funding of the innovative product. ‘The first thousand housings have been delivered,’ tells Torres.

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