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Toilet roll holder

With a variety of technical and visual requirements

The customer’s requirement

Punch Powertrain approached us with a complex problem: an airtight and liquid-tight electronics housing to hold the entire control of the automatic transmission. The original part was made fully of metal, and the aim was to transform it into a plastic version. Another supplier was unable to make the product 100% water-tight and failed on this point.

Our challenge

  • Full responsibility for product realization
  • Sturdy mounting set
  • Precise measurement of toilet rolls (indicator)
  • Functional product with sleek appearance
  • Cannot be opened by end user
  • Easy operation and refilling
  • Lock on second toilet roll

Toilet roll holder

Our solution

We devised the technology of the product for optimum functionality. A design agency then made sketches of the Vendor house style and we investigated how this technology would fit in the sketch. We produced and assembled the products, made user instructions, took care of the end packaging with mounting set, and we take care of stock management. We regularly make test series, to keep the quality at a high level.

The product has a specific lock which technicians use to open the holder. The supplied mounting set provides for adhering the toilet roll holder to tiles where it is just as firm as holders that are screwed in.

About Vendor

The aim of Vendor is to make every visit to the toilet a happy moment. After all, visiting the toilet is pleasant if everything is clean, tidy and attractive, and also works in a practical way.

The toilet roll holder is Vendor’s calling card. The products of Vendor ensure that you remember your toilet visit as relaxed and fresh.

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