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Separator piston

for a shock absorber

The customer’s requirement

Turn a metal part into a plastic part. Price, noise reduction and weight reduction are the reasons for this conversion. The customer wanted us to make a strong product in plastic for a part that was originally metal. We solved this through our choice of material.

Our challenge

  • High tolerance, since the product has to withstand heavy loads
  • Strict requirements such as water tightness, weld resistance
  • Comes through the shock testing

Separator piston

Our solution

Every shock absorber has a separator piston. We made this from plastic instead of metal. The product had many requirements. To meet these requirements we developed our own compound (raw material): molybdenum disulphide. One property of this plastic is that it is self-lubricating: perfect for this product.

The result is a tailor-made product which gives the customer the benefits of cost reduction, weight reduction and noise reduction.

Our cooperation

Our cooperation started when we gave workshops on metal replacement for WP Suspension. That company was later acquired by KTM, which now leads the way in thinking in plastic, thanks to our intensive cooperation.

About KTM

KTM-Sportmotorcycles GmbH is an Austrian motorbike, bicycle and car brand. KTM develops and produces engines and ATVs under the labels ‘KTM’ and ‘Husaberg’.

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