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Recycling in the plastic industry

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Recycling in the plastic industry

At the end of 2017, our director Wietse Wissema appeared in the NEN Magazine with an article about the standards for recycled plastic. For Alligator Plastics as well we believe it is extremely important to handle our environment carefully, and we are keen to do our bit for the circular economy. Chain thinking is an important success factor in this endeavor. You need to think several steps ahead and continually be aware that you form part of a chain.

This chain starts with the users of discarded plastic products. They supply residual material to a waste processor. The recycler is responsible for sorting this into usable fractions. The compounder mixes it in the desired compositions which can then be used as raw material in new products.

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For this to actually be successful, it is hugely important that standards and norms are developed. This is important so that recycled raw materials are created with specific (predictable) properties that tie in with market needs. If there are standards, the compounding company can build up stocks and provide the raw material with the right properties for specific applications. Building up stocks means larger volumes can be produced, with the resulting positive effect on prices.

A good example is the cooperation between Alligator Plastics and our customer Lightweight Containers.  Wietse Wissema: ‘We produce plastic beer kegs, partly from reused material. We chose the different materials of the valves so that they are compatible upon reuse and can be processed as a single product.’

When you use recycled raw materials, you are contributing to the care of our environment. We are happy to investigate the possibilities for your products together with you.

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