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Injection molding products of superior quality

Injection molding products of superior quality

The mission of all our employees

At Alligator Plastics, quality assurance is an integral element in all our processes. Every employee feels responsible for the continual development, production and delivery of high-quality products, again and again. Our standard is zero defects. As far as we are concerned, quality already starts in the development phase. Smart design and a high-quality mold form the key to a reproducible product that navigates the injection molding process without incident. We produce large series with a constant quality and the right process parameters. Our processes are monitored continually during production and extra measurements are made as agreed. This assures you of products that meet all agreed requirements.

Quality mission

We live up to your expectations of the quality and quantity of the products and services we deliver.

We guarantee and continually improve the efficiency and quality of our organization and business processes.

Quality values

  • Customer-oriented in the very fibers of the organization
  • Committed employees
  • Continual improvement is in our DNA
  • Zero defects
  • First time right

3D measuring bench

3D measuring bench

Alligator Plastics has a 3D measuring bench for in-house measurements of advanced products.

Certificates & audits

Alligator Plastics has ISO 9001:2015 certification and we apply our own quality mission in our daily processes. In addition, we are audited by various customers in accordance with ISO 22000, ISO 14000 and GMP. We are also familiar with standard purchasing procedures such as PPAP and customer-specific release procedures.

Quality assurance in our processes

Quality assurance

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