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A better product, faster and cheaper

Together we develop the best possible injection-molded product

The engineering power of our large R&D team is unique in the world of injection molding. Enabling us to support you and your engineers in developing your product right from the earliest stages. Together we look at the design, the choice of plastics and other aspects of optimizing your product, saving materials, adding extra functionality, reducing the number of parts and making your product better. We also share the latest technology and innovation with you, which our engineers are working on every day, so that you can be the first to benefit. This proves our added value, so that you know you have come to the right place with Alligator Plastics.

Idea to realization

From idea to realization

Commitment in every phase with all relevant parties is the foundation for success. Our project managers and engineers maintain intensive contact with you during the development process. We combine the efforts of a multidisciplinary team of highly trained technicians and the contribution of our knowledge of the latest innovations to come up with ground-breaking product solutions with a well-thought out design.

That is how you make the difference on your market!

Optimal choices

Optimal choices

What are the best choices for your product? Is it smart to process two different materials in one product, using our 2K injection molding technology? What about requirements, for instance for food safety? Which plastic is hard-wearing enough? Is there a plastic available for this application or does it have to be developed? How can we arrive at a sustainable solution? Can we use environment-friendly processes and designs based on the principles of the circular economy?

3D model to injection tests

From 3D model to injection tests

Our engineers use 2D dimensional drawings and the technical specifications to design a 3D model of your product. Our aim is to minimize the number of parts and quantity of raw materials and achieve the best product design for the required application. During the injection test period we optimize your mold and validate the products. We jointly release the final product for production. First Time Right is key to all our steps.

Swiftly and efficiently from design to problem-free production.

This is how Alligator Plastics works on your product of the future!




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