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Post processing products

Coating, chrome-plating, printing and assembly. We offer turnkey solutions.

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Have your products finished

Some products require post processing, for example for aesthetic or functional reasons. We are happy to provide your products with a beautiful, high-quality finish. The advantage is that your products are delivered to you in turnkey condition, so that you can use them immediately.

There are various options for the post processing of your products. Our specialists are able to chrome-plate, weld ultrasonically, print or assemble your plastic product. Read more below about the different possibilities.

Chrome-plating plastic

Plastic chrome plating

There are various reasons for plastic chrome plating. Usually the decision is made from a design point of view, because chrome gives your product a specific, beautiful appearance.

Chrome-plating is also used for a technical reason. It gives products a specific functionality, such as electric conductivity or protection against electrostatic radiation. This post processing gives your product extra functionality.

Ultrasonic welding plastic

Ultrasonic welding plastic

We use ultrasonic welding to melt two plastic parts together. The parts are heated at localized points so we do not melt the entire product, and the materials adhere properly together. We use ultrasonic vibrations to do this.

This localized melting is extremely precise and gives your product an invisible finish. Ultrasonic welding is used on hard and soft plastics.

Printing plastic

Printing plastic

Do you want to differentiate your products or make them more attractive? We offer various options for printing on your products. Consider dates, images, your logo, or even material that is meant to be an extra layer of protection for your product.



We assemble separate parts into a single end product. These separate parts are plastic injection molded products from our own machines or purchased parts. We offer you the benefits of a fast and efficiently organized process, because we take all the work off your hands. Because we are a single partner for all your needs, you do not have to deal with issues of coordination and superfluous intermediate stocks.

In addition, you receive a turnkey product.

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