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Specialist in high-quality plastic injection molding.

Advanced production process at two locations.

Plastic injection molding production

Plastic injection molding production

Alligator Plastics has over 60 years experience and we are still learning all the time, because the world of plastics is constantly evolving and so is the world of our customers. We constantly share the latest developments and our extensive expertise with our customers, so we can recommend the most suitable plastics and the best available technology, such as 2K injection molding, insert and outsert molding and various potential finishes. Of course, we also know tips & tricks for giving your product extra functionality and making it perfectly reproducible. Our team is committed, incredibly ambitious, and we are happy to go that extra mile in order to create the best possible product with you.

Injection molding techniques

Naturally we are very adept in regular plastic injection molding work. Our experience also enables us to produce extremely complex products without problems. We have often demonstrated our ability to respond to challenging issues which have previously seemed insurmountable. Besides normal plastic injection molding work, we are also experts in 2K injection molding, whereby two different plastics are processed in one mold. We have several 2K injection molding machines with different closing forces.

Moreover, you can also call on us for special injection molding techniques such as insert molding, outsert molding and cleanroom injection molding.

Post processing products

After injection molding, we take care of the meticulous finishing of your products. We have extensive experience in these methods:

  • Mechanical finishing (drilling, milling, etc.)
  • Printing
  • Chrome-plating
  • Coating
  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Assembly

We are happy to advise you on the necessary and optimal finish. Your end product will be delivered ready-to-use, fully assembled and provided with printing, packaging and user manual, for example.

Your products are ready for immediate use.




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