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Collaborating on new developments

The power of innovation does not arise spontaneously. New knowledge is required all the time, of materials, design technology, processes and product techniques. We combine our knowledge and expertise with the specific knowledge of our partners. Together we continually seek new applications of technological developments and we are keen to push the limits of the technology. We are affiliated with several networks and organizations for that purpose. We are happy to apply tested innovations in your product design or in our production processes. It is how we realize our ambition to lead the way with new materials and production techniques in plastic injection molding.

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Our partners

Federatie NRK

The Federatie NRK (Dutch Federation of Rubber and Plastics Industry) helps us work with cross-sector contacts across the entire plastics world. Areas include education, legislation, recycling, technology and innovation.



Our managing director and owner Wietse Wissema is chairman of the NRK PVT Kunststofverwerkers: the thermoplastic manufacturers’ association. This is the leading sector association for plastic processors in the Netherlands. In cooperation with fellow plastic injection molding companies, we work on developing the technology, innovation and staffing issues.


Many employees of Alligator Plastics have been trained at Mikrocentrum. This organization provides courses in plastic and mold technology, safety, quality management and product development. We ensure that the knowledge of our employees grows and expands, which helps us continually improve our injection molding processes.


Through Port4Growth we work together with fast-growing companies outside the plastic processing industry. Discussing specific issues that you come up against as a fast-growing company helps us learn from each other. We become more efficient in our growth and development.


The DNHK is the German-Dutch Chamber of Commerce. Through this organization we get into contact with German organizations and businesses. We are partner with several German organizations and businesses.


TNO is the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research. We regularly work together with the TNO on technical innovations in materials and techniques. Research has given TNO a vast amount of knowledge and expertise. We contribute our expertise from practical experience with plastic injection molding and the development of plastic products. Our production facilities provide a testing ground for testing production process innovations. An ideal combination when it comes to development and renewal.

Fontys Hogescholen

Fontys University of Applied Sciences regularly supplies us with trainees and graduating students. They form part of our growth and contribute new knowledge from their courses. We also cooperate in courses for employees: it is one way we help each other.

Avans Hogescholen

We also regularly have trainees and graduating students from Avans University of Applied Sciences. In addition, we work together with Avans Hogescholen on innovation projects. Avans students are currently working with our engineers on an exclusive innovation process concerning solar power.

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