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Oxygen bottle cap

Cap on oxygen bottles in ambulances

The customer’s requirement

Punch Powertrain approached us with a complex problem: an airtight and liquid-tight electronics housing to hold the entire control of the automatic transmission. The original part was made fully of metal, and the aim was to transform it into a plastic version. Another supplier was unable to make the product 100% water-tight and failed on this point.

Our challenge

  • High quality requirements
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Fast delivery times

Oxygen bottle cap

Our solution

With this information, we set to work on developing the product, based purely on the functional requirements. The cap is easy to fit and blocks the oxygen bottle valve so it cannot be opened accidentally. The cap can be removed from the bottle with a quick pull and cannot be put back. This makes it easy to see at a glance whether the bottle has been used and needs to be replaced.

We take care of the production and delivery directly to the end customer Air Liquide, part of Biesheuvel Techniek. Using forecasts, we ensure that there is a strategic reserve which guarantees short delivery times.

Logo Biesheuvel Techniek

When you look at the projects Alligator Plastics has realized, you are reassured that complex projects are in good hands with them. I was very impressed by their portfolio.

Peter Colmbijn - Product specialist

Our cooperation

‘Because the oxygen bottles are used in hospitals and ambulances, the protective cap has to meet high quality requirements,’ says Peter Colmbijn. Doctors have to be able to see immediately whether the oxygen cylinder has already been used. It must also be possible to remove the seal quickly. During the development process, Alligator Plastics worked well with the customer and made use of their expertise to arrive at a good solution. The transparent working method and short lines of communication of Alligator Plastics ensured pleasant cooperation with all parties involved.

‘What I really like about the cooperation is how accessible the company is,’ says Peter Colmbijn. ‘They are great people to work with and everyone in the company is there for you, from director to production employees. As far as I am concerned, this case forms a great foundation for further projects.’

About Vendor

Biesheuvel Techniek supplies a complete range of industrial supplies and industrial uptime services to ensure that customers’ production and assembly processes can function optimally. Biesheuvel Techniek supplies from its ever-increasing stock, currently containing more than 450,000 items, to industrial and maintenance customers from all sectors. There are 30 local branches where customers can come with questions and for technical advice. Peter Colmbijn is a PVF product specialist (pipes, valves, fittings). Customers can go to him for technical advice. He is supported in this role by the suppliers of these products groups.

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