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New 700-tonner increases production capacity

Size matters. That’s why it is so nice to have an injection-molding machine that has a large clamping force and can handle higher multitudes. Alligator Plastics is proud to start using the new Engel 700-tonner soon. Due to time and cost advantages, this is also great news for clients with larger series.

Part of expansion

The purchase of the new injection-molding machine is part of the overall expansion and redevelopment of Alligator Plastics in Eindhoven. At the end of last year, we bought the building at Hoppenkuil 16, which is located immediately next to our existing property at number 14. The new building of 3500 m2 will completely function as a warehouse. The warehouse at the existing premises will be added to the production, which will make number 14 almost entirely a production area. Since the beginning of this year, that space also contains the new injection-molding machine. This will be commissioned a few weeks from now.

Largest machine with high clamping force

Ruud van Nunen is manager of operations at the Alligator-location in Eindhoven. He is looking forward to seeing the new machine at work. “The machine is of Austrian origin: brand Angel, type duo 5160/700. Especially the number 700 is of interest. This means that the machine can close the mold with a clamping-force of 700 tonnes. This makes it, at once, our most powerful machine. All of our other injection-molding machines have a clamping force from 25 to 650 tonnes.” The high clamping-force means that the machine can produce bigger, heavier or more products, at the same time. “We can inject 3 kilos of plastic under a 2000 bar of pressure. This is a hefty amount. It means, for example, that we are able to produce, not 8, but 16 pieces of a particular product, simultaneously,” says Ruud.

closing force 700-tonner

Time and cost advantages

Producing a larger amount at once is something Ruud calls: higher multitudes. “We also speak of multiple molds, by which we mean that there are multiple products that can be made in a single mold. This adds time and cost advantages, which makes our new 700-tonner ideal for larger series. Additionally, the machine is compact, which means that we can take full advantage of our new production area. Another advantage is that we can quickly change the screw-cylinders, which results in being able to produce different plastic products within an hour. This is also good news for our clients because less time is needed to cleanse a machine.”

Saving energy

With the purchase of the machine, Alligator Plastics has paid attention to energy consumption. “It is a hybrid machine, largely electric,” says Ruud. “The former hydraulic pumps were always on and consumed a lot of energy. The new electrically powered servo-pump will stop if no movement is required and does not consume energy then. It fits our roadmap for energy saving.”

Symbol for growth

The new 700-tonner is now in the so-called installment-phase. Ruud: “The cooling is now connected, the power supply is constructed and, among others, the conveyor belt and 6-axis robot are all being installed in addition. After this, we’ll do a test injection.” Meanwhile, all Alligator-operators have received training for the new machine. “The 700-tonner is, by far, not the largest injection-molding machine you can buy, but it is our most powerful machine ever. Together with the refurbishment of our location in Eindhoven, the machine is a beautiful symbol for another important milestone in the continued growth of Alligator Plastics,” says Ruud.

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