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Major relocation of Alligator Plastics is almost ready

The major relocation and redesign of Alligator Plastics is nearing its completion. In a tightly planned mega-operation, a great deal of work has been done in the last few months to accurately prepare and implement the no less than 60 sub-projects. The end is now in sight. The final touches will be made in the coming weeks.

Plans made

The major relocation already started at the end of 2017 with the purchase of the building at Hoppenkuil 16 (HK16) in Eindhoven, right next to our existing building at number 14 (HK14). The building was purchased as a result of the rapid growth of Alligator Plastics and was first used as extra warehouse space. The plans for the redesign of all available spaces were made concrete later on. The existing HK14 building now has 65% production space. HK16 has a storage space of no less than 2535 m2 and also offers space to the sales, engineering and logistics departments. The location in Son remains a combination of production, warehouse and office workplaces.

With pride in Eindhoven

A milestone during the project was the relocation of three of our largest injection molding machines from Son to HK14. The preparation took many weeks. On March 29, we were proud to welcome the three heavyweights in Eindhoven. Just before that, our brand new and most powerful injection molding machine, with 700 tons of closing force, was installed in the Eindhoven production hall. All these machines are now ready for production, including fencing, robots, and peripherals.

New installations

The Big-Bag installation was also relocated along with the machines from Son to Eindhoven. From this installation, raw materials are fed through a pipe system to the injection molding machines and drying ovens. A new Big-Bag installation has also been installed in Eindhoven for extra supply capacity. In addition, the new production hall in HK14 is equipped with a new 6.3-ton overhead crane and a bag-lifting installation with vacuum lifter for the 25-kilo raw material bags. In this way, the physical strain on our raw material employees is minimized.

The final phase

The major relocation is almost done. The final phase concerns the completion of the logistics corridor that connects HK14 and HK16. Everything will be finished in a few weeks; an enormous task that has hardly disrupted normal production and operations for our customers. This is a great compliment to all Alligator employees who, once again, committed themselves to our company with a great deal of energy and enthusiasm!

Read more about the previous phase of the major relocation here. Sign up for our newsletter (Dutch website) to stay informed of the final phase.

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