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In-house training courses make personal growth accessible

Alligator Plastics has a strong ambition to be the best injection molding company in the Netherlands. To achieve that ambition, we need the best people. That is why we have a training program that offers everyone the opportunity to achieve their best potential. This personal growth is now very accessible due to our new in-house training courses, which we provide together with Mikrocentrum.

Training needs through growth and new insights

“The need for in-house training arose two years ago,” says HR manager Sandry Melis of Alligator Plastics. “We were growing strongly and we needed many new people. Despite the tight labor market, we succeeded in filling the vacancies. Our new employees had an affinity with technology, but no specific experience in our industry. So, they needed to be trained. In the meantime, we had also gained new insights into the composition of the teams at our two production sites. New positions were created in the teams, for which employees also had to be trained.”

Our first in-house training

Due to the number of people to be trained and difficulty organizing this elsewhere, it was decided to have our own people provide the training in our own Alligator house. “Everyone tried their best, but we are not training professionals,” says Sandry. “We want the very best training for our people, which is why we called in the help of our partner Mikrocentrum. They took on the task with a lot of knowledge and enthusiasm. After the summer of last year, we started our first in-house training together: Injection Molding 1. This was such a success that we are already working on Injection Molding 2. At these injection molding courses, students receive an NRK diploma through a written exam. As a company, we can prove the professional knowledge of our employees in addition to complying with certification and audits. The Measuring Technique course will start in May and a course for management in the workplace after the summer.”

The advantage is that we can plan everything perfectly

The training courses are given in-house, at Alligator Plastics. Sandry: “The main advantage is that we can plan everything perfectly so that the courses fit the shifts of our people. In addition, the necessary machinery and materials are, of course, available in our factories. The training is free for our people and the time spent is compensated. With this complete package, we have made it very accessible to take a course. This gives everyone the opportunity to grow to their maximum potential.”

Essential prerequisite to be the best

Network and knowledge institute Mikrocentrum has been providing technical training for years for Alligator Plastics and many other companies in Brainport and beyond. For the first time, however, it is happening in-house at Alligator. “When a company expresses the ambition to be the best and does not consider their own internal course as sufficient, as a training professional you know that only top level will be good enough,” says training manager Frank Bruls of Mikrocentrum. “Alligator Plastics sets the bar very high for itself and for us, as well. That is great. As a company, you can have the latest machines and the most flexible processes, but you also need the best employees. Educating your people is an essential condition to be the best. Alligator Plastics is well aware of this. It says everything about the appreciation that an employer has for its employees.”

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