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Innovation in parts

Various products for greenhouses, screen systems and climate systems

The customer’s requirement

Our customer, BOM Group, regularly approaches us with drawings for parts in their greenhouses, screen systems and climate systems. We make a variety of products for this customer, for clever constructions that connect everything together. Corner sections, guides and rollers are just a few examples.

Our challenge

  • Cost reduction through (more) plastic parts
  • Long-lasting products

Innovation in parts

Our solution

BOM Group, for example, commissioned us to design an Atlas wire conductor. This attachment clip connects horizontal wires with an aluminum guide rail to which a screen is attached. The customized clip replaces a standard purchase item and offers several advantages:

  • The new clip also fits on older systems
  • Fitting is simpler
  • The conductivity of plastic on aluminum is better and thus more durable, and the product is cheaper

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Alligator Plastics provides important added value in that they not only develop plastic injection molding products, but also manufacture them. That means no extra translation is needed after the development process, but that a reproducible product is directly available in a 3D drawing.

Allard van der Meer - Product Engineer

Our cooperation

The relationship between Alligator Plastics and BOM Group goes back more than 25 years. Alligator Plastics develops and produces a diverse range of plastic parts for the greenhouses.

Our development of the Atlas wire conductor for example, a Euroblock socket and a variety of other products, has always gone smoothly and met the planned deadline. The engineers at Alligator Plastics translated the 2D design of BOM Group into a 3D CAD design which formed the basis for the plastic injection mold. ‘I felt that the communication, especially during the development process, went very smoothly. They kept me updated on the progress and the mutual expectations were clear and concise,’ tells Allard van der Meer. Cor Sepers adds that the people at Alligator Plastics always think constructively together with you. ‘They are flexible and take that extra step whenever necessary to help us.’

In brief, this project was one of the very many which has made the cooperation between BOM Group and Alligator Plastics so successful.

About BOM Group

The BOM Group specializes in the supply, construction and installation of greenhouses, screen systems and climate systems for the international greenhouse horticulture sector. In collaboration with local subcontractors, BOM Group delivers turnkey projects worldwide, from America and Canada to China, Japan and Korea. Developing and having aluminum greenhouses and screen systems built is one of the core activities of BOM Group. Product Engineer Allard van der Meer is responsible for the innovation and development of these kinds of systems, among other things. Head of the Technical Service Cor Sepers takes care of purchasing and service and the maintenance of the greenhouses and systems.

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