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The food sector is a dynamic market in which many products have a relatively short life cycle. That is precisely when efficiency and fast action are important. And that is what we are good at. We implement modifications extremely fast and our innovative team takes care of solutions that offer immediate benefits to your customers. Distinctive packaging, dosing systems, 2K products - we have extremely wide-ranging expertise in this sector and are expert in inventing exceptional solutions.

Safety and hygiene come first in the food sector. We are happy to cater for that with our cleanroom production areas.


For our client Lightweight Containers, we developed the combined beer/air valve and the structural parts on the bottom and top of the keg. Optimum cooperation has resulted in the realization of a product that combines functionality, weight saving and sustainability.

Relief valve

Foods are imported under pressure to extend their shelf life. The valve ensures that the pressure drops if it becomes too high. We developed a reliable CE relief valve in our cleanroom.



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