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Beautiful and functional. Those are the characteristics of products in this sector. These products often have a shorter lifespan, and developments and innovations take place extremely fast. We respond to this smartly and swiftly by working efficiently and developing version 2.0 immediately. No start-up problems, and an excellent product for your customers straight away. The result? User-friendly products with an eye for design.

Remote control for whirlpool systems

We developed a remote control with a distinctive aesthetic design. Whirlpools are a wet environment and it is important that the remote control can function there. That is why we used soft touch material for stable placement. Beautiful, functional, and with optimum user comfort.

Safety clamp

The clamp that saves lives. We developed the plastic clamp especially for emergency service workers for them to carry as a tool. The clamp stops doors from closing and serves as a communication tool for the emergency service workers.




Medical & hygiene


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