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We help this sector to keep developing continuously. Be inspired by our cases with smart solutions and/or cost reductions for the customer.


The iGate is a self-supporting sliding gate. Alligator Plastics developed the integrated outdoor lighting for the open-shut alarm. The design process for the housing took personalized lighting elements into account for the customers of our client.

Slide bearing

With a slide bearing, the shaft slides in the bearing. We developed and produced the slide bearing for Schellekens & Schellekens for various types of sunblinds. Together we were able to come up with an innovative and sustainable solution.

Attachment clip

A small fastening clip that keeps sheets of insulation in place. That sounds easier than it is.

Alligator Plastics developed this special adhesive in collaboration with an adhesives manufacturer, as well as a system for cutting the adhesive layer loose. We keep the part in stock and deliver the product fully finished.

Greenhouses: innovations in parts

Our customer regularly approaches us with drawings for parts in their greenhouses, screen systems and climate systems. We make a variety of products for this customer, for clever constructions that connect everything together. Corner sections, guides and rollers are just a few examples.


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