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Computer housing

for an automatic transmission

The customer’s requirement

Punch Powertrain approached us with a complex problem: an airtight and liquid-tight electronics housing to hold the entire control of the automatic transmission. The original part was made fully of metal, and the aim was to transform it into a plastic version. Another supplier was unable to make the product 100% water-tight and failed on this point.

Our challenge

  • High precision
  • Strict requirements such as water tightness, weld resistance
  • Comes through the shock testing
  • Special materials: PBT/SAN blend with fibers

Computer housing automatic transmission

Our solution

We thought outside the box, purchased a new machine, and developed a specific testing procedure and unique transport packaging. We developed the existing product further in 2K injection molding, whereby we inject a plastic part around the connector and then seal that with a second component, all in one production process. The parts are welded together ultrasonically after assembly. The housing remains fully sealed, without shrinkage or hairline cracks, even after extensive shock testing.

Logo Punch Powertrain

The people at Alligator Plastics dare to take on complex challenges and have the drive to come up with clever technical solutions.

Cor van Otterloo - CEO

Our cooperation

For Cor van Otterloo, it is very important that you click personally when you choose a partner. ‘The people at Alligator Plastics gave me a good feeling straight away. It is a dynamic company with an enthusiastic team of employees who seize technical challenges with both hands. They have wide expertise and are moreover, very solution-oriented in their work.’

The project resulted in a high-quality housing that fulfills all the strict specifications.

About Punch Powertrain

Punch Powertrain develops and manufactures automatic transmissions and hybrid drives systems for passenger cars. It is a pioneering company with a growing clientele in Asia especially, but also in Russia. Customers include Proton, owner of Lotus, and General Motors.

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