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These customers lead the way

Alligator Plastics works for a highly diverse range of clients. We apply our broad knowledge and experience to develop and produce high-quality plastic injection molded products for various sectors. We have considerable experience in the markets below. We mainly work for leading companies that use our skills to innovate their product portfolio. Take a look at your own sector and be surprised by the possibilities.


Quality and quality control are the key words in the automotive industry. Have a look at the possibilities we have to offer you, such as replacing metal parts with plastic ones.


We help this sector to keep developing continuously. Be inspired by our cases with smart solutions and/or cost reductions for the customer.

Consumer Lifestyle

Beautiful and functional. These are the major qualities of products in this sector. We prove that beautiful products can take shape using plastic.


Safety and sustainability are important aspects in this sector. We offer 100% traceability, cleanroom production and we make suggestions regarding recycling issues.

Medical & hygiene

Products for the medical and hygiene sector must meet strict requirements and be reliable. Discover what we can do for you in this sector.


The best solutions for high-tech, from the technological sector. Functionality and sustainability are the key factors. We develop and produce smart, wear-resistant products.

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