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Alligator Plastics is happy to think together with you about the automotive parts of the future! Consider the possibilities of using plastic instead of metal. Lighter plastic parts whose material properties satisfy the strict requirements necessary to function permanently under conditions that are often difficult.

Of course we meet the latest quality standards and have ISO 16949 TS certification. After all, quality and quality control are key words in the automotive sector.

Computer housing for an automatic transmission

Our customer switched from metal to plastic for this product, but never managed to seal the product 100%. The engineers at Alligator Plastics devised a concept whereby we injected a plastic part around the connector and then sealed that with a second component, all in one production process.

Separator piston

Every shock absorber has a separator piston. In the past these were always made from metal.

Alligator has converted them to plastic, for KTM and BMW among other customers. We developed our own compound (raw material) especially for this product.


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