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Attachment clip

A fastening clip that keeps sheets of insulation in place

The customer’s requirement

Insulation is installed differently in Germany: first a wall is built, then the sheets of insulation are attached, and finally the stucco work is done. In the past, the sheets used to be attached with screws. Our client devised a system using adhesive, but the system does require this attachment clip.

Our challenge

  • Adhesive that can adhere to any surface
  • Mass production
  • Full finishing of the product

Attachment clip

Our solution

We developed the clip in cooperation with a German supplier of insulating material. Adhesive which can adhere to any surface is applied to one side of the product. We developed this special adhesive in collaboration with an adhesives manufacturer, as well as a system for cutting the adhesive layer loose.

We keep the products in stock for our client and deliver the product fully finished. We produce this product in large quantities (mass production) and pack them in the final packaging.


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