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Alligator Plastics receives another KTM Quality Excellence Award

Alligator Plastics has been awarded another KTM Quality Excellence Award. This means that Alligator Plastics has also reached the status of A+ supplier in the last year, and belongs to the top suppliers of the Austrian motorcycle manufacturer.

Important acknowledgment

Alligator Plastic has been able to obtain this award, again and again, these last few years. An important acknowledgment. Receiving this awards means that Alligator Plastics has gone an entire year without any errors, with zero percent recalls of plastic-parts, whilst producing and delivering to the well-known motorcycle manufacturer.

KTM Quality Excellence Award

Strict requirements

KTM is one of the largest producers of all-terrain bikes and road bikes in the world. For example, Dutch motocross-rider, Jeffrey Herling, rides a KTM factory motorcycle. In 2018, he became world champion MXGP, the highest classification of international motocross, with the bike. The parts for the KTM motorcycles have to meet the strictest quality standards in the automotive business, such as the standards of the VDA (Verband der Automobilindustrie) and the latest IATF 16949 standard. In addition, the engines and components need to withstand the most extreme weather conditions and contamination from sand and mud.

Reliability since 1991

Alligator Plastics has been producing plastic parts for the KTM motorcycles for many years. First, through the Dutch WP Suspension, then directly for KTM. “We started in 1991 with a pre-tensioning bush, a small part which can put pressure on the spring in the shock absorber,” says Peter Tilleman, sales director of Alligator Plastics. “These days, we make a wide range of parts for both the front and back shock-absorber. For example, the sectioning suckers for the damping of a shock absorber and spring retainers in the front fork, where the spiral springs are fastened. For all of these products combined, we have been given the award. Not only does it showcase our compliance with high-quality requirements, but our delivery reliability as well. We always deliver on time, which means the KTM-production can continue. You have to be able to offer this reliability in the automotive business.”

Producer and R&D partner

Alligator Plastics works together with KTM in an open manner, according to Tilleman: “The engineers at KTM come with their own ideas. Using our knowledge and experience, we create an optimal design that can also be optimally produced. At this time, we are developing new ideas together, for new parts that can be made with new production methods and plastic compositions. In addition to producers, we are also R&D-partners. A very fruitful collaboration that has been, yet again, crowned with a beautiful award.”

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