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Alligator Plastics obtains IATF certificate

In an earlier news story, you read about us obtaining the ISO/TS 16949 certification. This quality standard for the Automotive industry has renewed (more strict) conditions, which means that all TS 16949 certificates after have expired from September 2018. This will now become the IATF 16949 standard.

During a six-day audit, on both locations, our organization was assessed under the new standard. The assessor has, on behalf of Lloyd’s, assessed our processes positively, with some defined areas for improvement. We meet the high requirements of the new standard and have now obtained our new certificate.

The ISO 9001 certification was part of this audit. We have also obtained this for the design and production process, for both locations.

With these certificates, we showcase how our processes are well-constructed and how we comply with them. We apply these processes to all sectors, not only to the Automotive industry.

Would you like to know more about our processes or do you have any other questions? Please contact us.

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