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Alligator Plastics continues to grow: 3500 square meters of extra space!

Alligator Plastics continues to grow. To realize our ambitions, we are now expanding with a newly purchased building in Eindhoven: Hoppenkuil 16. This address is located next to our current building in Eindhoven. With this property, we have three additional halls and no less than 3,500 m2 at our disposal.

Moving machines

We are moving the warehouse of our location in Eindhoven to this new building, which triples our holding capacity. New machines will be added to the vacated space to increase our production capacity. Several large machines will be moved from our location in Son to Eindhoven, which will create more space for new possibilities. The current warehouse in Eindhoven will get a new overhead crane of 6.3 tons. Finally, a new corridor will be built to optimize the logistics between the two buildings.

We are busy with the realization of this big move, which is filled with technical challenges. In the picture below, you can see the new building with the warehouse racks.

new warehouse eindhoven

During the furnishing of both buildings, we are taking optimal routing into account. In addition, the factories will continue to operate normally.

Ergonomic supply

In the new warehouse, we will install a Big-Bag installation with a tubing-system. With this, the content of 1000 kilo-bags of raw material can be led to the injection molding machines and the drying ovens. The current warehouse in Eindhoven will receive a bag-lifting installation with a vacuum-lifter for the 25 kilo-bags. This is how we can minimize the physical strain for our employees.

The moving of the machinery, raw materials, and the warehouse is a huge project consisting of over 60 sub-projects. Our employees are busy with the organization of this move.

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