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Alligator Plastics acquires the former Elhi Polymer Moulding

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Alligator Plastics acquires the former Elhi Polymer Moulding

On 1 February 2017, Alligator Plastics acquired the HPG Eindhoven company (formerly Elhi Polymer Moulding) from the Hollarts Plastic Group in Didam.

General Director W. Wissema: ‘This acquisition is a major step towards the realization of our ambitions: Lead the way in the development and production of innovative plastic injection molding products on the Dutch market. We are proud of the growth we have experienced in the past few years and the fact that more and more companies are finding their way to us as development and production partner. The capacity expansion which ensues from this acquisition is a necessary condition for providing for this increasing demand.’

It is important to us that customers obtain their high-quality products as fast and as efficiently as possible. That means that the entire process, from idea, through development to production, has been set up to be smart and efficient. Just like Alligator Plastics, HPG has highly advanced machinery and well trained and committed employees. Those are the preconditions for guaranteeing consistently high-quality, efficiently manufactured products for the customers of both companies.

For Alligator Plastics this takeover is an important strategic step on the way towards a leading position as innovative plastic injection molding company on the Dutch market. The extra capacity gives us the space to commit even more OEM manufacturers to us and also develop our international ambitions further. The unique combination of smart engineering and high-quality production within the one company results in targeted development programs that transition smoothly into efficient production. The result: innovative and cost-effective products that are ready for successful market introduction. That is the reason why a growing number of customers call on us.

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