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2k injection molding

High-quality and complex plastic injection molded products.

Combine 2 different plastics in a single mold.

2k injection molding

What is 2k injection molding?

With 2k injection molding, two different plastics are injected at the same time in a single mold. These plastics can have different structures, colors, properties and levels of hardness. Your materials adhere better to each other and you have more freedom for your product design. 2k injection molding makes it possible to give a product an anti-slip layer for example, a viewing window or a soft-touch grip.

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Advantages of 2k injection molding

    Besides the freedom in design, 2k injection molding offers many more advantages:
  • Stronger adhesion between the different materials
  • Greater design freedom with different plastics in a single product
  • Smaller seams, which benefits the product design
  • Post processing or assembly are often unnecessary with 2K injection molding

In many cases, 2k injection molding offers a more cost-effective solution than injection molding individual parts and then assembling them. Our engineers are able to provide you with excellent advice on the most suitable solution for your issue.

When do you use 2K injection molding?

Do you want to produce large series with several plastics integrated in a single product? In that case, 2K injection molding is the most cost-effective solution for you! Depending on the product shape, desired properties, complexity and product size, series sizes from 40,000 units should be considered.

Would you like to find out more about 2K injection molding? Or would you like to know whether it is suitable for your product? Our specialists are happy to advise you. Contact us and make an appointment for obligation-free advice.




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